What’s the minimum order quantity? Please add the product you are interested in, to the cart. Once you get an error message you will see the minimum order quantity.

How long do the notes last? Our notes last for a year and no aging required before use

Where can i use these notes? You can use them in super markets, casinos, ATM machines, gas station

How much can i spend at a time? You can spend up to $10,000 at a time in any of these places.


Do you offer samples? We are sorry, we have so many site visitors, asking for samples. We have lost a lot of money by sending samples to people who don’t place orders afterwards. We decided not to send samples anymore. This is not negotiable.


Can i call you or chat on skype / WhatsApp? For security reasons we only communicate with customers via email and to a greater extend on WhatsApp only for urgencies. We do not call customers and don’t do that because it would be a high risk. Phone calls, WhatsApp etc. are traceable.


I need a pricelist with discount for your products. You can find prices for all our products in our shop. Discount will be applied automatically, once added to the cart. We don’t have a downloadable price list.


How is your quality? Our notes are on a quality level which is called super notes. Only extremely high quality banknotes which even cannot be found with counterfeit checking machines has this quality level.

How can i cancel/delete my order? Unpaid orders will be deleted automatically. Shipping is done only when orders have been paid.

How can i return an order? We don’t accept returns. All sales are final.

Contact us if your problem isn’t listed

Do i need a VPN? Is it risky to visit your website? As a customer it isn’t required to use a VPN. The communication between you and our server is encrypted so nobody will ever know that you placed an order. Maybe you just googled “dollar” and accidentally clicked on our website? That’s really nothing you should care about, there are thousands of internet users who do so every day. Nobody can see what you are doing on our website (because of the encryption), your ISP only “knows” that you have been on our website (which is not illegal at all). Also, there is no situation like “hey, this guy visited a counterfeit vendors website, we’ll tell the cops”, because it simply isn’t the ISP’s job. It would require the cops to have a judicial order.


I want you to prove that you are really into this business? Well how would you like us to prove it? By the way; we don’t offer free samples. If we all are honest, there is no real way to prove something like that without taking a high risk on our side or spending a lot of money on free samples (which we absolutely won’t do).

If you don’t want to buy something from us: you don’t have to. please go for the dealers in the darknet. Honestly, if you are taking a look at the news you will see that darknet vendors are constantly busted. Please ask yourself where it is more secure to buy 🙂

Not only it is impossible to prove to public a counterfeit banknote business is real but there also is no need for it from our point of view. We’re sorry, but we don’t have time to motivate customers to buy our products, we keep focusing on delivering products faster for customers who already know where to buy their banknotes from. Once you are ready you can place your order.


How can you run this business without getting busted? Our website runs on offshore servers. Also, we are using non-traceable shipping methods. There isn’t that much to tell about, because we don’t want to give too much information to the public because the cops can read this too. The only important part is that we are very good in what we are doing and that your order data is safe in the short period of time it’s on our servers until its deleted.


Is this site real? yes, our site is real. It would be illegal for the cops to motivate you to do a crime. We are using offshore servers so we stay secure. We are shipping stealth, so nobody will ever know that you placed an order.


Will i get in trouble with the customs / police? No, you will not get in any trouble. We can guarantee this because of two reasons:

Bypassing customs

We are bypassing customs of every country. Unfortunately, we cannot tell you anything about how we achieve this, since it wouldn’t be working anymore if we would tell it to everybody.

Stealth shipping

We are shipping stealth. This means that we are going to hide the drugs inside of other things so even if an asshole postman wants to steal your stuff, he would have something completely useless.

Also, even if our method of bypassing the customs wouldn’t work anymore, you still would be 100% safe. We can guarantee this because we have an x-ray and specially trained dogs which check every order. If our dogs and x-ray don’t find it, the customs dogs and x-rays won’t find it either.

Unfortunately, we cannot tell you anything about how our packages look like, cause the police could ask us too, in order to identify our packages more easily.

It doesn’t matter if you send your personal address or someone else’s.


Is my data safe? Yes. We delete your information once we have sent your order. The communication between you and our servers is encrypted with ssl. Our servers are running a so called “ramdisk”. Most computers store data on their hard drive from which you can read the data after shutting down the computer.

But not so in our case. Our data is stored in a virtual disk which is stored in the memory (RAM). The RAM will be cleared in the same moment if you power off the computer (which you have to, if you want to read anything from it)


Contact us if your problem isn’t listed

How quick are your shipping methods? Free Shipping, worldwide for orders above $200k: Once we have verified your payment (Bitcoin: instantly; all other payment methods: 1 day), it will take 2-3 days to receive your package.

Basic Shipping, worldwide: Once we have verified your payment (Bitcoin: instantly; all other payment methods: up to 1 day), it will take 5-7 days.

Express Shipping, worldwide: Once we have verified your payment (Bitcoin: instantly; all other payment methods: up to 1 day), it will take 2-3 days to receive delivery.


Will i receive a tracking id? Yes, we only ship tracked packages & envelopes. You will receive the tracking id via email once it has been shipped.


Which service provider are you using? The choice which service provider to use always depends on multiple parameters. We cannot and will not tell you which service provider we use in specific cases for security reasons.

However, we are mainly using these service providers: UPS, Fedex, DHL, USPS, TNT.


What happens if the order gets stolen/lost? If the order gets seized/stolen/lost, we will reship. Because all orders are tracked, we will know once it doesn’t move anymore. However, this happens to 1 of 1000 orders only.


Where do you ship from? We have two shipping centers. We are shipping from within the United States for north- and South American customers. We are also shipping from France for European, Asian, Australian and African customers.


Do you ship to … ? We offer worldwide shipping. This means that we will send our products to any place in the world. Yes, even to your location.


Shipping costs? Free Shipping, worldwide: $0, for orders worth more than $200k. Basic Shipping, worldwide: $50 and Express worldwide: $75

Your payment has to be verified before we can ship your order.


Contact us if your problem isn’t listed

How to pay with bitcoin? If you don’t know how to buy bitcoin you may want to read our guide on how to buy bitcoin here.

Now you can place your order in our shop. Select your products, enter your address information and select “Bitcoin” as payment. You now will see our bitcoin address (generated for every order) and the amount you have to send.


Do not send the amount in $ or € !!!
Copy and paste the amount in (BTC) and bitcoin address shown in your order process into your blockchain wallet and click send. Once you have sent the Bitcoin your order is paid.


How to buy bitcoin? You can buy Bitcoin with credit card, cash, bank wire transfer.

Go to blockchain.info and create your personal wallet. Use a valid email address!

Now you have to choose an exchanger. Each exchanger offers different payment methods:
localbitcoins.com offers multiple payment methods and even cash to bitcoin
coinbase.com accepts credit cards and bank wire transfer
coincorner.com accepts credit cards and bank wire transfer (UK)
coinatmradar.com lets you search for an ATM to buy bitcoin
Some exchangers will ask for verification of your data. You can use your real identity because we are using a bitcoin mixing service.

As soon as you buy your bitcoin you can send them from the exchanger to your blockchain wallet and make the payment to us through your blockchain or Coinbase wallet.


Accepted payment methods? Bitcoin, Western Union, Moneygram, Worldremit, Cash App, Gift Cards


I want to pay with PayPal / creditcard / bank wire; We don’t accept PayPal /credit cards or any other payment method directly. Please do NOT ask for it because we DO NOT accept them, even if you buy $100k. But it is very easy to buy Bitcoins with the above directives. Please refer to our Guide on how to buy bitcoin.


Contact us if your problem isn’t listed